Testimonials from current students:


Hello Deborah

Thank you for what really was a  first class session. You gave a wonderful introduction to the subject and your knowledge is extraordinary. I found the lesson exciting and your enthusiasm infectious. As always with you a great experience. Well done!


 We both thoroughly enjoyed yesterday pm at the Fitz. It was wonderful to explore with you the hidden messages and symbolism  in these masterpieces as well as understanding their historic context. Your depth and breath of knowledge is amazing

Thank you

Richard and Clare


Thank you for bringing  to life an exhibition that on initial study seemed dull and disconnected

Kind Regards


Deborah tutored me for a six month crash A level course in art history. Within two minutes of her arrival we would be into the subject. There was a huge amount to cover but I never felt overwhelmed. I was amazed at how extensive her knowledge was. As a tutor/ teacher she knew how to challenge, ask questions or develop a subject. Huge new vistas were opened up to me in areas that I had been reluctant to explore [architecture ]but actually was really enriched by. She was somewhat sparing in her praise and her standard was exacting for written work but this was all part of the learning process. The work steadily intensified. She provided extra study materials generously and helpfully. We enjoyed our sessions. She really knows her stuff and how to put it over. 

Id recommend her as a private tutor. Margy Lewis June 2018 

Postcript: this student attained an A* for her Art-history A-Level in 2018. 

As a new member of the group, I've greatly enjoyed Deborah's art history course this summer at the Fitzwilliam Museum, as well as the two days at Norwich Castle and Ickworth House. Although these were all places that I had visited previously, Deborah was able add a new and exciting dimension to my experience. Whether it is a Titian painting, Rococo furniture or an Italianate garden, she has the ability to bring them all alive with her humorous and informative style, backed up by her own meticulous research. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wishes to start exploring art history or build on their previous knowledge and experience. Steve, Gt. Shelford

As a newcomer to your Art History course I am delighted to begin to piece together the various ideas and styles of art that have long floated about in my mind without any context. I am really enjoying your course and the way you present it and am looking forward to learning more next term. Susan, Burwell

I’ve learnt more history than I ever did at school in such an enjoyable way, with likeminded people, so classes are social occasions too. Art History with Deborah covers so much more than the basic paintings, sculptures and architecture shows you. There is so much to learn and this is the way to learn it. Margaret, Cambridge

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Ickworth, your guided tour brought the gardens and interior alive. You have researched the history well and have a wealth of knowledge so that you can present the whole story in a vibrant and lively way. I find your style stimulating and enjoyable. I particularly like the way you ask the group to contribute our thoughts and knowledge, in an interactive way. Sue, Reach

I’ve never done any Art History before and now I love it! It has become an unexpected interest which I can share with new people. Jean, Ely

I have enjoyed Deborah's classes since returning to Cambridge 8 years ago.  I have always enjoyed looking at pictures, but Deborah's lectures have given me as much deeper understanding of what I am looking at.  She offers one-ff sessions in various galleries or museums to complement the term's themes.  Once a year she offers  a trip to a European gallery, e.g. Barcelona, Lisbon,  Nice, Amsterdam.  Definitely to be recommended. Caroline Wilson, Cambridge

I've enjoyed looking at  pictures since the 1950's (!).  But over the last 6 years what Deborah's classes have given me is a hugely better understanding of the sweep and connectedness of (largely) European art.  For me, all of her classes are pitched at just the level to instruct and enlighten without becoming too abstruse.  So I get much more enjoyment, as well, from TV art programmes and newspaper reviews.  And we have those wonderful half-term trips to other European cities, too! David Wilson, Cambridge


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